Jan 27 2006

Treo madness

I got a Treo for work a week ago. I will never, never go back to a dumb phone again. I'm madly in love with this thing.

And now, I present you with a list of palm apps I've found to be must-haves... or maybe just too cool to not have installed. (Sorry, I'm too lazy right now to link these apps to their respective sites.)

ChatopusJabber client. Works in the background. Does SSL.
Clicker (Salling)Remote control your mac via Bluetooth. Wow factor++.
ConverterQuick conversions for hundreds of formats.
Dir AssistFrontend for yp.com, much faster than using the web browser to get the same info. Integrated with the dialer.
Easy CalcScientific graphing calculator.
FileZFile management deluxe.
FlyBackupAutomate palm flash backups to external SD card.
FlyZipKeep prc files compressed - expands them transparently and automatically. Slick.
IPCalc+IP calculator cheet sheet, because I require lots of pen and paper to do the equivalent.
LJPNES/SNES/GameBoy/etc game emulator. Oh yeah!
mo:BlogBlogging app that supports FTP upload and the MovableType protocol. Future version will support Atom.
P.PitchGuitar tuner.
PalmaSutraYeah, it's exactly what it sounds like. The funniest part about this app is that you can take notes on each position in its database. "This one was good.", "So was this one."
PalmVNCYup, VNC client. A little crashy, but functional.
psshLook at me, I'm a remote sysadmin. mutt and w3m even work. Probably the most useful app in this list. for me.
pTunesmp3 player - even plays streaming internet radio. Smart enough to pause on an incoming call.
SiEDA decent text editor.
TCPMPVideo player - even does DivX. Really nice.
TealDocDecent DOC reader, with full screen and auto scroll.
TechnicianPhone technician - does a load of stuff, but I only care about mp3 ringtones. I made my own, Good times.
VFSFTP+Surprisingly full featured FTP client.

Am I missing any must-haves?