Aug 11 2008

Experimenting with HDR

I 've been wanting to play with HDR stuff for awhile now. Finally took a crack at it this weekend after finding a pict I took last summer in Warm Springs, Oregon. (Right outside of Kah-Nee-Tah.) I'm a sucker for abandoned buildings, for some reason.

It was a pretty dreary day, summer storm was coming in. Once the exposures were merged, the colors looked much less "pastel" than I expected. Actually, it was pretty washed out. Decided to go black and white instead.

Overall, I'm fairly pleased with it. I obviously need to use a tripod next time (the embossed look on the horizon trees is due to my movement.) Also the the clouds could stand to be more... interesting.

Next up -- find some better subject matter, and maybe try a nighttime HDR panorama.