Apr 19 2006

Kiddo number two is here!

Well, Josephine Lee Smith took her sweet time getting here - she was 3 days overdue, which is actually pretty rare for a second kiddo. (Especially since Naia was 5 weeks early.)

When she decided it was time, holy crap. Look out.

Nadine felt some mild contractions at about 11pm last night. Nothing out of the ordinary, she's been having the random contraction for quite a while now. By midnight, she was having a 20-25 second contraction every two minutes. I called my Mom to come out and watch Naia.

The contractions got crazy real quick. We hopped in the car and hauled ass to the hospital. I drove up to patient drop off and helped Nadine out of the car - boosh. Water broke in the lobby. 25 mins later, we had a new kid. Whirlwind quick. I never even was able to get my backpack with cell/camera till afterwards, and properly park the car.

Things are perfect across the board. We'll be getting out of the hospital tomorrow, most likely. I'll do a pict dump then, and put em online. She's a real looker. :)

Truckin along on about an hour and a half of spotty sleep since... well, I guess yesterday morning when I got up. Nadine has even less. I predict a hard crash when we get home. Well, as much as you can crash with a newborn, that is.

Uh, in other news, the wifi at the hospital is free, but they firewall everything but port 80 and 443. Good lord, that's not especially useful.

pf on the home router to the rescue:

rdr pass on $ext_if proto tcp from any to $ext_if port 80 -> port 22
rdr pass on $ext_if proto tcp from any to $ext_if port 443 -> port 993

Now I can get shell, and Nadine can securely check her mail via imap. This hospital thing isn't so bad this time around.